3534 Mt. Pinos Way (physical)
P.O. Box 951
(mailing), Frazier Park, Ca 93225
Office Phone: (661) 245-5613 / (661) 917-7317
Emergency Phone: (661) 917-7317
FAX: (661) 245-4402

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Current Rates
Flat rate: Monthly $75.00 - Late Charge 10% after 15 days
NSF Charges:
$35.00 - Shut off/Turn on Fees: $150.00
Water stock fee:
$25.00 - Lost water Stock Fee: $25.00

Serving the residents of Los Padres Estates since 1971

Board of Directors

Sandi McElhenney (President) ~ Jonathan Paley (Vice-President) ~ Richard Dickerson (Secretary/Treasurer)
Pamela Jarecki
(General Manager) ~ Brenda Fessia (Assistant General Manager)
Golden Empire Water (Distribution operators)


All meetings will be held Via Zoom and at the office located at 3534 Mt. Pinos Way, Frazier Park, CA 93225.

Board of Directors meetings are the last Monday of the month at 1:00pm
Annual Shareholders meeting is held the
forth Sunday of April at 1:00pm